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I Love Old People

July 2, 2010

My sister made me laugh this morning when she sent me an article from Forbes called “Nine Technologies To Ease Pain Of Getting Old.” She said “I thought of you when I saw this because I know you love old people.”

And I do.

Getting older means gaining perspective, figuring out what’s important in your life and in general. I try to heed the advice of people who have more experience than I do even when it’s just experience with living.

The Forbes article outlines some technologies that help mitigate the effects of aging. A car that lets you know when you’re in danger of driving through a farmer’s market. Medication that keeps track of itself. A robotic maid for those who have lost mobility.

It makes sense that companies are targeting an aging population (and hence growing market). And certainly many will find benefits in these products.

I continue to learn a lot from friends and family that are older, but I hope there is something that I can teach them as well. Yes, you are going to get older. Yes, your hair will gray and your skin will wrinkle. And one day you will no longer be around. The rest of it is negotiable.

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  1. September 1, 2010 11:04 am

    Health Tip: Signs That People With Dementia Shouldn’t Drive –

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