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The Mental Benefits of Exercise

August 11, 2010

Two goodies today on how the benefits of exercise extend well beyond the physical:

The New York Times reveals that exercise can help stabilize mood and moderate anger.

Singularity Hub reports that physical activity has cognitive benefits such as increased levels of concentration, learning ability, abstract reasoning and improved memory.

I loved the article on mood stabilization. I have seen first-hand that being active not only helps me keep it under control in stressful situations but also gives me a more positive attitude in general. My husband can absolutely tell if I’ve had my workout and insists I get it in before he gets home, so he gets “the nice Hannah”!

Every day there is more evidence that in order to maintain health, you need to move your body!

Have you seen any improvements in your mood since you’ve started a fitness program? Is memory loss or cognitive function a concern for you?

photo: Genista

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