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Time Flies…

January 4, 2011
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…When you’re working your ass off in graduate school.

It appears that I’ve neglected my blog a bit. The irony is that I have come across so much information that I would love to share, but learning it all distracts me from writing about it.

In a week I start my last semester of graduate school with some Advanced Physiology, Research Methods and Sports Nutrition. Hopefully I will do a better job of journaling some of what I learn.

Last semester, my Exercise Psychology class really changed the way I looked at physical fitness.

So much of health revolves around personal habits that, on a non-competitive level, the issue is really lifestyle rather than diet or exercise in particular.

I have a great idea for an informational website based on that idea (which I’m sure I will never get around to making).

I’m already looking ahead to what I can fill my hours with after this degree is done. Medical school? Physicians Assistant Program? CPA? Cardiac Rehabilitation internship? All of these things are looking pretty interesting, although I’m pushing it on age for medical school considering I have a few pre-reqs to do first.

Anyway, I need to finish one thing before I start another. So, we will see in a few months.

Hope everyone had a healthy holiday and has made realistic health goals for the new year 🙂

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